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Ken Rename

Ken Rename0.66

Simple, efficient file renaming app

Sooner or later everyone faces the incredibly boring task of having to rename a bunch of files. But before you start this laborious process take a look at this handy app that may save you loads of time and work. Ken Rename is one of the most...
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  • by Anonymous

    mostly VERY good, but missing one piece of functionality. Hi! Great tool which has al functions I need but one: is it possible to integrate Sharepoint access (maken krename.exe find a sharepoint site and access it)? That would make it truly perfect! regards, Joe

  • by Anonymous

    Very handy tool . I love being able to batch rename a series of files to correct the crappy file names torrent files have at times. Pros: Lots of options to get where you want to go. Cons: A bit of a learning curve to find the easest way to get to that goal.

  • by Anonymous

    Ken rename is good. One thing about Ken Rename is that is can rename directories too. Maybe you are doubting about the essence of that function until you need it. Pros: It can rename subdirectories too. Cons: Well, for the moment i cannot tell the cons.